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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Planning to sell your website or buy high traffic website
Planning to sell your blog or buy high traffic blogs

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  1. The name of my website for sale is it has existed since 2005. Below are the assets I am looking to sell: - website - company wordpress blog - web dictionary wordpress blog - USPTO registered company trademark - partnership with a 12 year old search engine optimization company that automatically sends us leads partnership with an offshore web design company that offers very low cost design/programming services Our company website is very well positioned on the search engines. It currently possesses 1st and 2st page Google SERP rankings for the following terms: web marketing web marketing service web marketing services online marketing service online marketing services professional web marketing professional web marketing services professional internet marketing professional online marketing professional marketing (3/4 page) marketing services (4 page) and several more keyword strings.... While the economy has been suffering we have actually experienced an increase in monthly revenues. The new owner of will receive instant credibility when negotiating with new clients. Very few web marketing company's can claim to be on the first page of Google for the phrase "web marketing". The new company that acquires the above assets will be able to enjoy this search engine prominence and reputation we have worked hard to create.

    Unique Visitors: 6,627 /mo.

    Asking Price: $100000

    Contact: Chad Klingensmith
    Phone: 720-470-9483

  2. Hi, I am Selling my templates site(s) Offering these domains : You will receive all templates currently offered on our template site : 317 high quality website templates (include multiple pages and complete site templates and flash animated headers). 289 High quality Flash templates (including full ecommerce flash sites and top selling dj templates). 154 Flash intros including our 3D effect intros. 96 Digital effects 41 graphics and illustrations 34 Logos Just to get an idea of product value, if each item is sold only once : Html templates : 10589 $ Flash templates : 9723 $ Flash intros : 4131 $ Digital Effects : 1700 $ Illustrations : 620 $ Logos : 340 $ Total : 27103 $ Development cost for products alone is way over a 100 000$. We made around 200 000$ the first year (proven records from paypal and Since then we have improved our products and doubled our stock. We have more and more focused ourselves to custom design and moved the template business to the back and at the moment we are a fulltime development studio for TV commercials and company presentations and are no longer interested in the template business. Now after 4 years we are still one of the biggest template providers but no longer competitive due to lack of interest and motivation so we are looking to sell our entire network. The idea is to sell everything in one package for 50 000$ or more depending on the interests in our Template network. But we welcome all offers and will consider all bids above 30 000$. Thank you, Liam Andries CEO Avaris Network

    Unique Visitors: 30 000/mo.

    Total Revenue: $25 000
    Net Income: $25 000
    Asking Price: $50 000

    Contact: Dieter Andries
    Phone: +32 484 961 267


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