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This site is created by Naveen kumar and Vivaan kumar to sell and buy blogs websites and any classified business for free.The motive of the site is to provide high revenue for serious blogger please do not spam it .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Planning to sell your website or buy high traffic website
Planning to sell your blog or buy high traffic blogs

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  2. This web-site has been designed to appeal to Contractors, suppliers, and owners....A member has the option to advertise his company, sell services,excess material, tools,equipment etc. Members can also advertise for help. Job seekers can list their resume..Members can list their web-sites...Site is set up for "worldwide use" Anyone viewing can purchase advertised items.....Site acts as "bulletin board" only..all nogotiations, etc. done by members. Owner charges annual usage fee.......NO OTHER WORK REQUIRED BY OWNER....EXCEPT TO ADVERTISE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS.......

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  3. We provide Life Care Planning Education Online with 1 year to complete. Our Graduates can then take the CLCP Certification Examination given by the CHCC (Commission on Health Care Certification - We sell our Course for $2000. But that is up to you! Go to the CHCC Website to price the Course through other schools. The range is $3500 to approximately $3700. All you need to do is Market your Course. There are various Nursing and Rehab magazines as well as Websites. We are listed as one of the CHCC Pre-Approved Training Programs. Excellent Home-based Business with little work involved!


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